Napoli Has Informed UEFA To Move Their Champions League Game With Barcelona Away From Spain

News as reported by Sports Central has it that Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has called on UEFA to move the Champions League round of 16 against Barcelona after an increase in coronavirus cases in the region.

De Laurentiis is not happy with the game scheduled at Camp Nou on August 8 and believes it should be played entirely in another country.

The president slammed UEFA and made it clear that his club are not happy to travel to face the Catalan giants on their home turf.

 As cited by Sports Central, De Laurentiis said: “It seems like we’re at school. At Uefa, nobody knows how to do business, and with our money too. If they decided that the Champions League is to be played in Portugal and the Europa League in Germany, we could play there as well. “I don’t understand why we have to go to a city that, at this moment, has great problems. “I call Uefa all the time, but it’s shameful. You hear about it in the big media outlets in Spain, but they aren’t interested. “How long will they wait before saying we will play in Portugal, Germany or Switzerland?

There currently appears to be real concern about the game, although it looks like it will at least be played at Camp Nou for now.

UEFA have already announced that their Plan B is to move the game to Portugal and we will have to see how the situation plays-out in the coming days.