Werner Defends Decision Why He Refused Playing In Leipzig’s Remaining Champions League Games

After being criticized for opting to join Chelsea immediately after the Bundesliga season ended without staying put to help Leipzig in their remaining Champions League fixtures, Timo Werner is believed to have defended his decision.

Werner will become a Blues player on July 1 following his £47 million move, although the Leipzig’s season is believed not to be over by then.

After football was suspended in Europe due to the coronavirus outbreak, the final round of the Champions League matches will take place in Lisbon, Portugal on August 7 in the form of a mini-tournament.

While many out-of-contract players have signed short-term contracts till the end of the season with their respective clubs as Chelsea’s Willian and Pedro are two examples; Werner will instead join up with his new club.

Speaking to Sportbuzzer as reported by Sports Central, Werner said: "Of course it hurts me that I can't help out [RB Leipzig] to play in the Champions League. "But I'm a Chelsea FC player from July 1st and I'm being paid by Chelsea from then on. "It was clear that all parties - Chelsea, RB and my side - should and must settle this. Of course I tried to keep out of the Champions League issue as much as I could because it was clear that I would have to hurt one side. That's why my agent finally agreed it with the clubs."

Although Werner will not be on ground to help Leipzig, he hopes to be able to be on the stands to support them.

He added: "I am forever connected to RB Leipzig and will sit in front of the TV during the quarter finals and keep my fingers crossed, maybe I can even be on site in Lisbon.