Rio Ferdinand Reveals The Best Way Arteta Could Have Handled Mesut Ozil's Issue At Arsenal

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has revealed how Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta should have dealt with playmaker Mesut Ozil's case at Emirates.

Believing that Arteta is not handling Ozil's situation well at Arsenal, Ferdinand adds that it makes no sense for the Gunners to let the former Real Madrid star leave the north London club.

Ozil is expected to leave Arteta’s side this January transfer window, with the 32-year-old currently considering offers from Fenerbahce and DC United.

Ferdinand told the FIVE YouTube channel as quoted by Sports Central: “If I was Mikel Arteta, I would have gone in and assessed the situation. Why has not he [Mesut Ozil] played previously? Speak to Mesut. “And then it’s all about how he applies himself on the training pitch. I would ask him how it was in the last regime, but then I would give him a clean slate and say, “Right, you go out there and do the work for me. Work on the training pitch and then I see it playing out in the 90 minutes at the Emirates and all the grounds, then we will have a great time together”, that’s the way I’d have approached it.

He added: “The problem is with this whole situation, and whether you are an Arsenal fan or someone looking in as a football fan, we have not really been given any insights about how the situation has got to where it has got to. "Mesut Ozil is a World Cup winner, a player who played at [Real] Madrid and was fantastic there, and did some great things at Arsenal.

Ferdinand concluded: “But he’s spending more time sitting on Twitter and Instagram talking about his team and the young players and sending out funny messages than he is kicking a ball and it doesn’t make sense to me.