Nicolas Jackson Has Revealed What Mauricio Pochettino Told Him After Joining Chelsea

Chelsea star Nicolas Jackson has revealed that Mauricio Pochettino gave him the same advice as Harry Kane when the Argentine was Tottenham manager.

Pochettino and Kane had a fantastic relationship during their time at Spurs and the head coach helped transform the England captain into a world-class striker.

Kane left Spurs for Bayern Munich this summer as Pochettino took the job at Stamford Bridge, and the 51-year-old is now tasked with improving Jackson.

Chelsea striker Jackson, in an interview with talkSPORT, says Pochettino has told him the ‘same thing’ that he told Kane.

Jackson said as cited by Sports Central: ‘It’s the same thing. ‘I don’t know what he told Harry, but the same thing he is telling me, he told Harry the same thing he is telling me. ‘Just continue, you miss but later it will be easy when you start to improve and get experience. ‘He is helping me a lot and all the players in the team. We fight for him and the team.’

Jackson is also hoping to get some advice from former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba as he added: ‘It would be amazing because he was a legend and I was watching him since I was young. ‘But we never talk because he is from Cote d’Ivoire and I am from Senegal. It’s not like Demba Ba. I’ve spoken to him because he played for Chelsea before and he’s Senegalese. ‘But Didier, we never talk. I hope to see him one day so he can give me advice to be like him.’