Novak Djokovic Is Making The Wrong Decisions, Says Andy Murray

According to Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic recently stopped making so many good decisions on court.

Djokovic finished the year world number one, although he suffered a notable loss of form in his last two tournaments of the season in Vienna and London.

That, according to Murray, is down to a breakdown in his decision-making process, which could be a result of his off-court distractions.

Andy Murray said of Novak Djokovic as cited by Sports Central: “I think that’s one of the things I’ve been through that at times through my career where mentally you’re not totally there and totally focused that one of the things that goes can be the shot selection in the important moments. “The slightly wrong choices in the wrong moment… That’s the thing that Novak over his whole career but especially the last five, six years he’s been better than anyone at that.

He added: “Very rarely chooses the wrong option or wrong shot. Making the wrong choices – that’s not something you’d associate with him. “This week [at the ATP Finals] and maybe through the French Open a bit, for me, as well.

Murray concluded: “In the French Open final it felt like he was trying to shorten the points quite a lot and then the same this week.