Premier League Big Guns Will Reportedly Earn Profit With Plans In Distribution Of Money

The Premier League's 'Big Six' are set to profit further with plans to reportedly alter the distribution of prize money.

England's top flight currently operates on a system of 1.6:1 which saw last season's Treble winners Manchester City pocket £161.3million in prize money for 2022-23.

But the Daily Telegraph now claim that that format could be ripped up, and the 'Big Six' are set to profit under a revised model. 

The report explains that from from the 2025-26 season, Premier League prize money is set to be distributed via a 1.8:1 ratio, meaning the potential for tens of extra millions going to the country's biggest sides.

It is said that the revised 'calibration' is down to the Consumer Prices Index and the international growth of the Premier League.

News arrives just days after Everton were slapped with a 10-point deduction for breaching Premier League profit and sustainability rules, which plunges the Toffees into 19th in the table.

It is a report that will no doubt irk supporters of smaller sides.

But insiders have told the Telegraph that a higher rate of inflation will mean smaller clubs get a more favourable rate next season.  

All Premier League clubs are preparing to radically change the division on Tuesday when they are due to vote on a New Deal For Football. 

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, both Manchester clubs and Tottenham have 'been at odds' with rivals about the model of the solidarity system pay-outs. 

The EFL is due to get an extra £130m in funding - but the exact nature of how that money is made up, and how much is coming from the pockets of Premier League teams remains unclear.

All of this arrives just days after Everton were rocked with an historic points deduction.

Everton was referred to an independent commission in March for alleged breaches which related to the 2021-22 season and a hearing took place last month.

The Premier League pushed for a sizable points deduction to set a precedent after the club were charged with breaching financial rules back in 2021-22. The Toffees posted staggering financial losses of almost £372m over a three-year period.

That is more than £250m above what the Premier League’s guidelines permits clubs to lose over a three-year rolling time frame. 

The technical alleged breaches related to accounting treatments, with the League arguing Everton breached profit and sustainability rules (PSR).

The punishment brightens the spotlight on both Manchester City and Chelsea and a former advisor to City tweeted that the precedent set by Everton's penalty could later result in relegation for both Premier League heavyweights.  

Everton say they will appeal the verdict in the strongest possible way.

They strongly deny they breached PSR and say their financial losses were due to the building of a new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock and whether the interest payments on that development were permissible.

The Toffees believe a sporting sanction is wholly disproportionate and completely inappropriate. Everton will point to previous cases such as when six Premier League clubs were given a meagre fine for trying to break the football pyramid with the European Super League.