Gabriela Cavallin Has Made New Abuse Allegations Against Man United Winger Antony

The former girlfriend of Manchester United winger Antony has accused him of threatening her while pregnant, damaging breast implants and cutting her finger.

Gabriela Cavallin, a DJ and influencer, has filed police reports against Antony both in their native Brazil and in England and investigations are ongoing.

The Brazilian news outlet UOL has published new allegations against the 23-year-old Brazil international footballer, including WhatsApp screenshots and photographs of injuries.

In June, Cavallin accused Antony of domestic violence and making threats during a television interview in which she alleged the footballer didn't allow her to leave their home.

Antony responded with a statement on his Instagram account, saying he was 'falsely accused' and had been 'suffering in silence' as police investigations continued.

The player's representatives told UOL the case remains under 'judicial secrecy' and did not wish to comment.

Mail Sport has contacted Antony's representatives for comment. Manchester United replied 'no comment' when contacted. 

Cavallin has spoken out again, telling UOL she was first attacked by the footballer in June 2022 while she was pregnant and on holiday in Brazil.

She claims that Antony put her in a car, attacked her repeatedly and threatened to throw her out the vehicle at high speed.

She continued to have a relationship with Antony but claimed in the interview he alternated between moments of affection and outbursts of aggression, before apologising.

When Antony moved from Dutch club Ajax to United in August 2022, in a transfer worth £82million, she accompanied him to England.

However, when he went to play for Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar, she tried to end the relationship for good but wasn't able to do so.

She says that on January 15 this year, Antony attacked her, causing a cut to her head, and dislocated her breast implant.

She told UOL as cited by Sports Central: 'I don't remember exactly who the fight was about, but it was someone I had been with years ago. 'He punched me in the chest and my silicone [implant] turned over. 'Then I came to Brazil for surgery to change the prosthesis. He said: 'I didn't mean to hurt you, it was accidental, it wasn't a punch, I just pushed you, I just held you against the wall.'

Cavallin said the final incident occurred on May 8, 2023, and led to the finger injury and her return to Brazil.

She said: 'I knew I had to leave, but I couldn't. I liked him a lot. I had a lot of hope. 'I was very attached to the beginning of our relationship, to the things he was to me in the beginning. 'On that last day [May 8], it was very serious. I was really scared that I wouldn't be able to get out of the house.'

Cavallin alleges that Antony tried to hit her with a glass cup and as she defended herself with her hand, her finger was cut.

She said: 'Antony locked the door of the house and wouldn't let me go out and I had my finger open, all hurt. He broke my things, took my passport.

Antony, who played in United's 3-1 defeat at Arsenal on Sunday, issued a statement on his Instagram account in June.

He wrote: 'For you, after submitting my statement at the police station where the investigation involving my name is being conducted, I wanted to speak publicly for the first time since I was falsely accused of assault. 'I stayed silent until this moment so that nothing could interfere with the investigation process, but during all these days my family and I suffered in silence. 'Despite being born and raised in a very needy community, I have never been through a situation similar to this, in which a false assault charge resulted in a preliminary and unfair public judgement on the part of some. 'After the closure of the investigation, my innocence will certainly be proven and justice will prevail. 'The damage initially caused to my image will be in the past. 'Thank you for the countless messages of support received at this very difficult time.'

Antony has been called into the Brazil squad for their World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia on September 8 and Peru four days later.