Pep Guardiola Has Called On The Premier League To Act Now Over Alleged Financial Wrongdoing

Pep Guardiola wants the Prem’s case against Manchester City for alleged financial wrongdoing to be heard now so they can clear their name.

Top-flight chiefs hit Pep’s Treble chasers with 115 charges back in February, all dated between 2009-18.

Many claim the allegations have cast a shadow over the club’s amazing achievements. Some experts predict it could take two to four years to resolve.

But Guardiola wants it sorted ASAP to prove once and for all City have done things by the book since their Abu Dhabi takeover in 2008.

The Etihad chief said as cited by Sports Central: “What I would like is if the Premier League and judges could do something as soon as possible — so if we have done something wrong everybody will know it. “And if we are — like we believe we are — a club that for many years has done things the right way, then people will stop talking about it. “We would love it to be tomorrow — this afternoon would be better. We would love that.

He said: “Hopefully, they are not so busy and the judges can see both sides and decide what is the best. “In the end, I know fairly what we won on the pitch and we don’t have any doubts.”

City have not lost a game since the charges were brought in early February and won a third straight Prem title at the weekend.

They are now just two matches away from a historic Treble of the title, FA Cup and Champions League.

Former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach Guardiola added: “We accept it is there. If it happened, it happened. “It was the same with Uefa and now it’s the Premier League. “So let’s go, in 24 hours, sit down and let the lawyers present. “Don’t wait two years. Let’s have it as soon as possible for the benefit of everyone. “We want to defend our principles and if people doubt, OK, let’s do it as soon as possible, please.

Guardiola signed a two-year contract extension in November, which keeps him at the Etihad until summer 2025.

He insists he will not leave while the charges are hanging over his club — but there have been suggestions he could quit if City pull off the Treble.

They face Manchester United in the FA Cup final on June 3 and take on Inter Milan for the European Cup a week later.

But 52-year-old Pep said: “I will stay next season while there are 110 breaches against us. Don’t worry. “But I don’t know what I’m going to feel winning or losing in the two chances we have. “I have a contract and when I sign it, I want to respect the club.